Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Donnelly Chocolates unique?

Our chocolates are made in small batches with the best ingredients. We use top quality ingredients from around the world. We have tested and developed recipes and techniques for thirteen years.

What is the difference between a truffle and a ganache bon bon?

The difference at Donnelly Chocolates is the shape. The fillings in both cases is a blend of cream or non dairy alternative (such as soy milk,rice milk or coconut milk), chocolate and natural flavoring. Soy milk truffles and other non dairy truffles and ganaches will only be put in your box on request. Truffles are made in irregular shapes and rolled in chocolate then cocoa powder or shaved chocolate. They look like the fungus truffles. Ganache chocolates have a similar filling but are piped into molds or dipped by hand.

When will your order be shipped?

Most of the year if there is no requested date of arrival on the order form we will ship the chocolates within three business days. If the product is not in stock we will notify you when it will be made.

Visit our shipping policies and shipping schedule page for more detailed information about our shipping policies.

Can you ship to a foreign address?

Donnelly Chocolates does not currently offer international shipping through the website. If you are interested in having a gift shipped internationally, please call (831) 458-4214 or email VAT will be applied to each international order. Customers will be responsible for all customs fees. Donnelly Chocolates will not be responsible for any shipping delays due to customs.

Are there nuts or other potential allergens in Donnelly Chocolates products?

Donnelly Chocolates offers both products that do contain nuts and many that do not. Due to shared equipment and work spaces there may be traces of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, coconut oil, egg , egg white, or allergens in our chocolates.

For more detailed information visit our Allergen Information page