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Hand-made Chewey, Nutty, Dipped Chocolate Bars

BACK CENTER - Dark Chocolate, Chewy coconut; FRONT CENTER - Marshmallow Dark Chocolate, Roasted
Coconut; LEFT - Milk Chocolate Rocky Road ; RIGHT - Marshmallow Milk Chocolate, Cereal bits

Hand-made Chocolate Bars

LEFT - Milk Chocolate, Salty roasted almonds; LEFT CENTER - Dark Chocolate, Pecan Cherry;
RIGHT CENTER - Milk Chocolate, Apricot; RIGHT - Dark Chocolate, Salty almond

Hand-dipped caramel bars, most popular products

LEFT - Sea salt, Honey Vanilla, Caramel; LEFT CENTER - Coffee Caramel, Milk Chocolate;
RIGHT CENTER - Sea Salt, Almond, Honey, Vanilla Caramel, Milk Chocolate; RIGHT - Caramel Truffle Cookie Dark Chocolate


Always Something New

Donnelly Chocolates offers a fantastic array of small-batch artisanal chocolates.

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Will contain a Variety of Chocolates

Whether it’s our largest gift box for the love of your life, or our most compact box for the loyalest of employees, Donnelley's Chocolates will transmit your desired sentiment

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