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Hand-made Chewey, Nutty, Dipped Chocolate Bars

BACK CENTER - Dark Chocolate, Chewy coconut; FRONT CENTER - Marshmallow Dark Chocolate, Roasted
Coconut; LEFT - Milk Chocolate Rocky Road ; RIGHT - Marshmallow Milk Chocolate, Cereal bits

Hand-made Chocolate Bars

LEFT - Milk Chocolate, Salty roasted almonds; LEFT CENTER - Dark Chocolate, Pecan Cherry;
RIGHT CENTER - Milk Chocolate, Apricot; RIGHT - Dark Chocolate, Salty almond

Hand-dipped caramel bars, most popular products

LEFT - Sea salt, Honey Vanilla, Caramel; LEFT CENTER - Coffee Caramel, Milk Chocolate;
RIGHT CENTER - Sea Salt, Almond, Honey, Vanilla Caramel, Milk Chocolate; RIGHT - Caramel Truffle Cookie Dark Chocolate

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Donnelly Chocolates offers a fantastic array of small-batch chocolates.

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3 milk or dark chocolate bars: choose nuts, spices or fruit; Gift-wrapped.

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Nationwide/East Coast orders 2-day FedEx air, please order by Friday Nov. 16.

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